Conference Registration: Guidance for Navigating the Registration Portal!

November 30, 2023

When you're ready to register for Alleluia, follow this guide to avoid common registration mistakes!

Head to the registration portal to get started.
(Right click on this link to open in a new tab.)

Session Selection

You will arrive at the Session Selection page where you will be able to select from the Full Conference or 1-Day Intensive options.

Select the appropriate registration rate and click "Add to Cart"

If you are registering for multiple individuals (i.e. you and your spouse or multiple attendees from your church), please note that the listed rates are per individual.

To register for more than one person:

  • Select the appropriate rate (i.e. Married Couples, Multiple from Same Church, Individual, etc.)

  • Click ADD TO CART

  • Select the dropdown for "Quantity" to select the number of attendees you are registering.

Participants & Options

You will next fill in the Participants & Options section. Complete the information for yourself (or the attendee you are registering first). 

After entering your information, you will select any session options you would like to add from the list.
NOTE: If you are planning to attend the free Thursday Conference Luncheon, please select the box in this section!

If you are registering multiple attendees, you will complete this section separately for each attendee. Click "Continue" after selecting options for the first attendee, then it will pull up the options menu for the additional attendee. Repeat for as many attendees as you are registering!

Registration Forms

Finally, you will complete the Registration Forms section.

Once you have filled in your information, click "CONTINUE TO CART" at the bottom of the page.


Review Cart & Check Out

Review the price and your name under "Order Details", then scroll down to complete payment information.

NOTE: The "Active Refund" is not managed by Baylor in any way and does not replace our cancellation policy (read more on our Registration Information page). This $65 fee is non-refundable and paid to Active, not to the Alleluia Conference. We strongly recommend you select "No" on this option to avoid paying an extra $65 unnecessarily!

Proceed to complete your payment information, then click "COMPLETE" at the bottom of the page when you're ready to submit your registration.

Once you click "COMPLETE", you're all set!

If you have any questions during your registration process, feel free to email us at

We will see you in Waco this summer!